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Spider Beetle Pest Control and Extermination.

For Spider Beetle Pest Control and Extermination we employ insecticide spray or dust in the problem areas of the structure. For indoor treatment, the premises would need to be vacated before the treatment can being. Our service includes a 7 months limited warranty. Occupants can return after 4 hours after the application.

There are several species of Bees that may suddenly swarm over your property and work to establish a nest. If you find it threatening, we provide services to exterminate the threat.

Spider Beetle
You would usually become aware of Clothes Moths presence either because you noticed some articles showing damage or you see the adult flying moths or both.

Clothes moths often find great nutrition among the crumbs we drop in upholstery and carpets. As well our skin sheds, hair and perspiration is another source of food.

Depending upon the kind of articles and which parts of the house they are in, you would need to focus your attention to that area and those types of articles in your household. Washing, sanitizing and vacuuming the threatened articles and areas would help control the situation.

However, if the situation is out of hand or does not improve by your efforts or if you have a low tolerance of Clothes Moths, your only choice may be to have a professional Moths extermination service.

  • Combing, Brushing and Vacuuming affected articles is quite helpful in reducing Clothes Moth infestation.

  • Also, placing affected objects in sunlight for a few hours pushes these insects out and away from these articles when other methods are not sufficient.

  • Compartmentalizing contaminated and sanitized items is an excellent approach in problem solving. Taking a big situation and breaking it down into small and manageable portions.

  • Larva of Clothes Moths making holes and patches in Silks, animal Furs and other articles derived from natural organic matter.
  • Contamination and Irrecoverable Damage of household items.
  • Adults fluttering around the house causing aesthetic damage.

IMPORTANT: Leave Moth extermination to professional exterminators.

Infestation Detection

While the infestation is in it’s infancy, there will be no flying adult moths. So usually, by the time people notice flying moths, the infestation has progressed well. It’s important to carefully inspect all stored foods as well any spillage, etc.
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Larvae in Rice

Physical Traps

There are several kinds of physical traps that attract adult flying moths and capture them. However, this technique does not attack the root of the problem. Often times a professional insecticides application is indeed required.
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Clothing Moths on Glue Trap

Ultimate Insecticide Spray Application

And Pests R Gone . . .

Pest Free Living™.

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Spider Beetle Pest Control

Insecticides may be in the form of a Spray, Dust, or Fog. Spider Beetle extermination involves:

  • Initially, Spider Beetle are targeted directly by insecticides.

  • Next, Spider Beetle nesting and hiding areas are treated.

  • As well, Spider Beetle foraging and feeding spots are treated .

  • Also, Spider Beetle entry and exit points are treated.

  • Lastly, Spider Beetle egg laying spots are targeted.


How to Prepare?

Please do following prep.

  • Clear out and Clean areas and spaces where Pests are seen.

  • Vacate property including pets before Insecticides Application.

  • Stay out for 4 hours.

  • Consider shutting down Air systems.

  • Insecticides Fog may falsely trigger smoke alarm.

  • Some insecticides may have a petro-chemicals like smell that lingers for a few days.