Pavement Ant

Pest Control and Extermination Service

Pavement Ant

Pest Control and Extermination Service

Pest Control, Extermination and Fumigation of Pavement Ant.

We specialize in Pavement Ant Pest Control using least intrusive methods such as an array of Bait matrix. The Bait technique works flawlessly as Pavement Ants happily feed on the hidden insecticide and take it back to the nest. For our Pavement Ant Pest Control service, we include a 7-months standard guarantee.

Pavement Ant color is dark brown to blackish and they are 2.5 – 4 mm long.

Pavement Ants are called so because they tend to build nests in the small gaps present in and under pavement elements such as stones, slabs and other poured pavements. They are often seen moving the dirt and sand out of the space between pavement elements.

Pavement Ant

In the video below, you see Pavement Ants consuming bait laced with insecticides that would reach back into their colony and exterminate them all!

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Pavement Ants Pest Control

Baits come in a Gel, Block or Granular form. Pest Control entails:

  • Firstly, establish Pavement Ants foraging and frequently accessed areas.

  • Next, we check Pavement Ants hiding spots and escape routes.

  • As well, any resources exploited by Pavement Ants throughout the property.

  • And, we plan deployment of Pavement Ants Bait.

  • Lastly, we show the client all the spots where the bait is placed for Pavement Ants.

A Bait Example Mice and Cockroach

Pavement Ants Extermination

The Mechanics of it.

  • Deployment of bait is not repulsive to Pavement Ants.

  • It takes a little while before Pavement Ants realize the presence of Bait that has been deployed.

  • Once, the palatability of bait is realized by Pavement Ants, they would readily consume it.

  • Some Pavement Ants may consume it more than once, hoard it or carry it back to nesting area for others.

  • And, in less than 5 weeks all Pavement Ants would have consumed the bait and have expired!

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