Complete Pest Control and Extermination of Sowbugs

Sowbugs, Pillbugs, and Woodlice are several names of these pests. These Pests are quite common in basements and damp sections of our residential structures. These pests are mostly an aesthetic problem and when numerous a problem of cleanliness.

From single family dwellings to roaming houses, we help you get rid of Sowbugs in all situations. To exterminate Sowbugs we utilize best commercially registered pesticides in Canada.


Sowbugs and pillbugs feed on decayed vegetable matter and tender young plant growth,

Sowbugs and pillbugs are nocturnal and are most active during the rainy season, or in damp foggy conditions.

REMEMBER: Best DIY Technique is to reduce amount of moisture.


A Sowbug, PillBug, or Woodlouse as seen on residential side pavement.

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Bed Bug and Fire Ant

Protective Posture

Here you see a Sowbug in a protective ball posture.

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Sowbug in protective ball posture

Ultimate Insecticide Spray Application

And Pests R Gone . . .

Pest Free Living™.

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Insecticides may be in the form of a Spray, Dust, or Fog. Characteristics of application of these methods are:

  • Pests are targeted directly by insecticides.

  • Pest nesting and hiding areas are treated.

  • Pest foraging and feeding spots are treated .

  • Pest entry and exit points are treated.

  • Pests egg laying spots are targeted.


How to Prepare?

Please do following prep.

  • Clear out and Clean areas and spaces where Pests are seen.

  • Vacate property including pets before Insecticides Application.

  • Stay out for 4 hours.

  • Consider shutting down Air systems.

  • Insecticides Fog may falsely trigger smoke alarm.

  • Some insecticides may have a petro-chemicals like smell that lingers for a few days.