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Carpenter Bees Pest Control and Extermination.

For Carpenter Bees Pest Control and Extermination we employ insecticide spray or dust in the problem areas of the structure. For indoor treatment, the premises would need to be vacated before the treatment can being. Our service includes a 7 months limited warranty. Occupants can return after 4 hours after the application.

There are several species of Bees that may suddenly swarm over your property and work to establish a nest. If you find it threatening, we provide services to exterminate the threat.

Carpenter Bee
Like any other wood boring insects, Carpenter bees prefer weathered, rotting and old wood to nest in.

Plugging the holes without removing the infestation can cause these bugs to find alternative paths. Sometimes, they would end up inside your house. So, only plug the entry points after the infestation has been exterminated.

To prevent general wood boring insects (carpenter bees or carpenter ants) from infesting in your house, maintain lower parts of windows and door frames. Usually these frames are made of wood where the paint is peeling off and the caulking is in bad shape. The water would be seeping inside and softening the wood.

  • The female carpenter bee has a stinger and it is extremely territorial and aggressive.
  • The nest making damages wood.
  • The wood shavings as a result of wood boring are an unpleasant sight in the backyards.

IMPORTANT: Carpenter Bees extermination to professional exterminators.

Sealing Holes

Plugging or Sealing drilled holes forces Carpenter Bees to make new holes or remove the sealing material.
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Holes made by Carpenter Bees

Golden Excrements

Even if the Bees are not seen themselves, noticing golden excrements near holes that drilled upwards or somewhat sideways is a tell-tale sign of Carpenter Bees.
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Carpenter Bees Nesting Inside Bored Holes

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Carpenter Bees Pest Control

Insecticides may be in the form of a Spray, Dust, or Fog. Carpenter Bees extermination involves:

  • Initially, Carpenter Bees are targeted directly by insecticides.

  • Next, Carpenter Bees nesting and hiding areas are treated.

  • As well, Carpenter Bees foraging and feeding spots are treated .

  • Also, Carpenter Bees entry and exit points are treated.

  • Lastly, Carpenter Bees egg laying spots are targeted.


How to Prepare?

Please do following prep.

  • Clear out and Clean areas and spaces where Pests are seen.

  • Vacate property including pets before Insecticides Application.

  • Stay out for 4 hours.

  • Consider shutting down Air systems.

  • Insecticides Fog may falsely trigger smoke alarm.

  • Some insecticides may have a petro-chemicals like smell that lingers for a few days.