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Complete Pest Control and Extermination of YellowJacket Wasps.

YellowJacket Wasps Workers are around 12-20 mm in length and feed on nectar as well forage for other foods .

We exterminate Wasps  by employing insecticide spray or dust in the problem areas of the structure. For indoor treatment, the premises would need to be vacated before the treatment can being. Occupants can return after 4 hours after the application.

We employ commercially registered insecticide application to get rid of Wasps of all kinds. Our service includes a 7 months limited warranty.

YellowJacket Wasp

If the nest is in its infancy and you can destroy it in a safe manner taking into account that you may have to engage in evasive maneuvers immediately afterwards, then it is up to you.

However, if the situation is out of hand or does not improve by your efforts or if you have a low tolerance of these Pests, your only choice may be to have a professional Wasps extermination service.

  • Yellow-jacket nest is started by a single queen, called the foundress.

  • If the nest is exposed to the elements and the winter is severe enough, then the wasp colony may not survive.

  • Nests that survive multiple seasons become massive and often possess multiple egg-laying queens.

  • Though Wasps sting in defence, they do not require much provocation.
  • Since their stinger does not have a barb, they can sting multiple times.
  • With each incident of a human being stung by YellowJacket Wasps the physiological reaction of the body becomes further intense.
  • Physiological reaction of each person is different. With some being severely allergic.

IMPORTANT: Leave Wasp removal to professional exterminators.

Yellowjacket / German Wasp

YellowJacket Wasps are the most common Wasps in Southern Ontario. You may see their nest in a tree or in the soffits of a house particularly in the porch. Be very careful if you choose to apply insecticides to the nest.
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YellowJacket Wasp

Wasp Nest

At times, the nest is not visible more accessible. Wasps enter through a crack or gap in the exterior of a house and build a nest a little further inside. Sealing off this opening usually results in Wasps finding their way inside the house.
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YellowJacket Wasp Nest

Ultimate Insecticide Spray Application

And Pests R Gone . . .

Pest Free Living™.

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Insecticides may be in the form of a Spray, Dust, or Fog. Characteristics of application of these methods are:

  • Pests are targeted directly by insecticides.

  • Pest nesting and hiding areas are treated.

  • Pest foraging and feeding spots are treated .

  • Pest entry and exit points are treated.

  • Pests egg laying spots are targeted.


How to Prepare?

Please do following prep.

  • Clear out and Clean areas and spaces where Pests are seen.

  • Vacate property including pets before Insecticides Application.

  • Stay out for 4 hours.

  • Consider shutting down Air systems.

  • Insecticides Fog may falsely trigger smoke alarm.

  • Some insecticides may have a petro-chemicals like smell that lingers for a few days.