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Pest Control, Extermination and Fumigation of Fire Ants.

Fire Ants are becoming a greater Pest in our backyards. They sting humans and their pets and cause severe burning like pain. Some people and pets would develop blisters and other may have terrible allergic reactions. Fire Ants are reddish brown color and are about 2-6 mm long.

We specialize in getting rid of Fire Ants using least intrusive methods. As well we offer a 7-months standard guarantee.

Fire Ant

In the video below, you see ants consuming bait laced with insecticides that would reach back into their colony and exterminate it all!

Deploying Bait is our preferred approach to exterminating Fire Ants.

The bait technique to Control, Eradicate, and Exterminate Fire Ants results in:

  • Avoidance of broadcast application of Control Agents. Which results in less pollution and general hazard for people and pets.
    And less intrusion to the flow of life.

  • Fire Ants are attracted to the bait and are likely to be impacted by it.

  • The Pest is least likely to be going into new areas to spread the infestation.

  • Fire Ants would be exterminated having consumed the bait and may also prove to be a source of secondary poisoning for other members.

  • This technique is cleaner and safer.

Bait has proven to be a fool-proof method of extermination and it comes in Gel or Paste form and is usually deployed inside cracks, gaps and holes particularly near where Fire Ants are present or forage.

Expected Results And Outcome Of The Treatment:

It may take up to 5 weeks for all the Fire Ants to come and forage on the bait and then become affected by it. This Bait will prove fatal to Fire Ants. Most of the Fire Ants will expire behind the scenes but some may be found dead near our living spaces. A typical cleaning exercise would be sufficient for the final act.

The name Fire Ants (Ginger Ants or Red Ants) refers to a group of Ants that have reddish color and cause a painful sting. The pain is not caused by their bite but their stinger under the abdomen. These Ants are 2mm – 6mm long in size.

Fire Ants are extremely aggressive and would readily attack a perceived intruder with multiple stinging.

Their nests are usually in the soil in the form of mounds in the backyard.

When Fire Ants attack a small animal, at times, it is fatal for the animal.

Fire Ants sting from their lower abdomen while holding themselves onto the target animal with their jaws. These stings cause severe burning like pain and can be deadly to sensitive people.

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Fire Ants Pest Control

Baits come in a Gel, Block or Granular form. Pest Control entails:

  • Firstly, establish Fire Ants foraging and frequently accessed areas.

  • Next, we check Fire Ants hiding spots and escape routes.

  • As well, any resources exploited by Fire Ants throughout the property.

  • And, we plan deployment of Fire Ants Bait.

  • Lastly, we show the client all the spots where the bait is placed for Fire Ants.

A Bait Example Mice and Cockroach

Fire Ants Extermination

The Mechanics of it.

  • Deployment of bait is not repulsive to Fire Ants.

  • It takes a little while before Fire Ants realize the presence of Bait that has been deployed.

  • Once, the palatability of bait is realized by Fire Ants, they would readily consume it.

  • Some Fire Ants may consume it more than once, hoard it or carry it back to nesting area for others.

  • And, in less than 5 weeks all Fire Ants would have consumed the bait and have expired!