One adult BedBug with dozens of eggs, nesting in a small hole in the bed frame. Click here for more.
Another small hole in a bed frame where almost a dozen bedbugs have made a nest. Click here for more.
Our exterminators have the experienced eye. It is a baby bedbug but no less pest than an adult. Click here for more.
BedBugs and their eggs on the bed frame ledge where the box spring would rests. Click here for more.
Brown Banded Cockroach captured in the Greater Toronto Area. Click here for more.
A Centipede with forcipules in view. These pincer-like appendages can pierce the skin and inject venom into the wound. Click here for more.
A group of Carpenter Ants feeding on Sugar based Gel Bait applied near baseboard. Click here for more.
A single Carpenter Ant feeding on Sugar based Gel Bait. Click here for more.
A large group of Pavement Ants feeding on green Protein based Gel Bait applied in flooring gap. More info.
It is an adult Carpet Beetle with a 10 ¢ Canadian coin in the background. Click here for more.

Pests made history !

Our Specializations

We specialize in exterminating Bed Bugs, Flea, Carpenter Ants, and Cockroaches. We also exterminate Spiders, Moths, Wasps and Flies. More than 90% of the cases the infestation are eliminated with a single application ! Check out our Pest Slides.

Green and Holistic Approach to Problem Solving

Our holistic approach to addressing client issues encompasses a greater emphasis on green initiatives in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology, and concern for the environment and activities of the places to be serviced.

Concern for Client's Flow of Life

We strive for an Effective, Clean, Safe, and a Professional Pest Extermination Service. Most Extermination services produce little or no interruption to the flow and quality of your life.

Most Experienced Exterminators in Mississauga

All our Exterminators are Fully Certified and Accredited Professionals who are Licensed by The Ministry of the Environment, Ontario. We have developed some of the leading "Best Practices" in the industry.

Exceptional Customer Service

It is the dedication and passion of our employees for excellence that delivers the most pleasant customer service delivery experience.

Our Distinction

We are committed to Complete Client Satisfaction and most Pleasant Service Experience. For the details of the municipal areas serviced click here. Other useful links are About Us, Legal Terms and Conditions , Privacy Policy and Resources on Internet .

7-Month Guarantee

Our Services include a Standard Seven Month Limited Guarantee. During the Guaranteed Period the Secondary Treatment, if required, is provided free of cost. Details are here.


We are a Licensed Pesticide Operator in Ontario, certified by the Ministry of the Environment and is member of the following organizations:

Our Portfolio

Some of our most prominent non-residential clients are: Government of Canada, Children's Aid Society of Toronto, TD Financial, Municipality of Region of HALTON and others.

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